noun (informal)

  1. ingenuity, aptitude, or skill; knack
  2. knowledge of how to do something

My services are management consulting, interim executive, fractional executive, and executive coaching. These can be blended in any combination suited to your needs. Consulting assignments are outcomes-based and proposed for a fixed price. For other services I typically charge a renewable three-month retainer.

Whether I am investigating how to remove barriers to exponential growth, how to unlock trapped value, or helping an executive rise to their full potential, I use a radical approach. Not radical as in reactionary, but radical in its original meaning from the Latin ‘radix’ meaning root or source. Too often we treat the symptoms of problems rather than addressing their root cause. I am focused on the latter so my approach creates long-term value by building or re-building businesses on a solid foundation of a compelling value proposition strongly communicated and delivered.

Whichever of my services you use, my aim is always the same: to create millions in added value in return for the thousands you pay me. I pride myself on offering a high return for the investment clients make in my services.