Fractional Executive

Your growing business needs an experienced CEO, COO, CMO, or CSO but cannot support a full-time hire. With me as a part-time executive you get most of the benefit at a fraction of the cost.

A fractional executive is a part-time member of your management team that is shared with other (non-competing) companies. Startups need expert leadership in sales, marketing, and operations, but with limited funding sometimes cannot afford to bring on a full-time hire of the ideal quality. The solution is a flexible arrangement usually between a half day per week and two days per week. Some of my clients want me onsite for a specific day of the week while others prefer to pull as needed from a pool of hours replenished monthly.

My success as an executive and consultant results largely from my ability to focus on only what really matters. Many professionals spend as much as 80% of their time on activities and initiatives that make a negligible impact on corporate performance. This is a key reason why you should hire me as a fractional executive for your business – you will be surprised at the impact I can make on your business in just one day a week.