Interim Executive

Many interim executives are hired as a fill-in while a search for a permanent hire takes place, or to fulfill a temporary need like managing a change, transition, or M&A-related project. While I have been hired for those reasons, most of my interim executive assignments arise from implementing strategies and initiatives proposed during my consulting engagements.

Each interim situation is unique, so my approach varies. If you do not have a brief explaining the scope and objectives of the assignment I can help you create one. Further discussions flesh out details allowing me to make a preliminary assessment that is usually delivered verbally as well as in a written proposal. I meet with other key stakeholders and team members as appropriate and move toward full engagement.

There may be some limits to what an interim executive can provide, but in this role I have established and led subsidiary companies, built operations from scratch, helped raise capital, staffed new offices, implemented processes, procedures, and information systems, trained personnel, held P/L responsibility, negotiated agreements with clients and third parties, all subject to authorization by a duly elected officer of the company.

What makes me attractive as an interim executive? It is the depth and breadth of my experience and my ability to think on my feet. I will hit the ground running because I have worked with product and services companies on both sides of the Atlantic, and led every major functional area of a technology company. My broad understanding of business and people allows me to navigate competently in unfamiliar waters, because there are few types of situation I have not previously encountered.