“John has an excellent strategic mind and an ability to cut to the heart of a business problem with clarity and insight. One of the things that I admired most about his talents as a manager while we worked together was that he never forgot that no matter how well designed a strategy may be, it is still executed by people. John takes a genuine interest in the people surrounding him and motivates them to not only achieve the company's goals, but their own goals as well. All of these talents combine to make John an excellent incubator and catalyst for ideas, businesses and personal development.”
~ Tom Webster (VP at Edison Research)
“Mr. Howe's work with us was indispensable for the successful launch of our nonprofit. He helped guide us through our launch and set us on a solid organizational and financial foundation. His good humored and professional advice helped us exceed our timelines for achieving organizational sustainability. We can recommend him for consulting without hesitation."
~ Rick Marshall (CEO at VISTA Expertise Network)
“John is my most trusted business adviser. He's helped my company increase its revenues through sales strategy and partnerships. John's been more than my executive coach, he rolls up his sleeves to pitch in on important proposals and meetings. He's got a wealth of knowledge of the marketing & design industry from his time at the head of a large firm, and also brings a valuable perspective in helping my team get inside the heads of potential clients and business partners. One particular channel partnership idea he came up with and helped us implement has the potential to revolutionize our business model and has resulted in attention from significantly up-market channels. In addition to his decades of knowledge, John's also a great guy who can humanize difficult situations and decisions.”
~ Carl Larson (CEO at Search Engine Optimist)
“As CEO of a non-profit organization, John is my most valuable resource. He identifies my blind spots - when I am unable to myself. He helps me plan out a strategy for handling complex board or staff relations issues. And I'm able to make the most out of my strengths and weaknesses with John's guidance. I've also done some enneagram work with John which has been very insightful. I highly recommend John as an executive coach.”
~ Michelle Nitz (CEO at WWIN)
“John is a strong and innovative leader. His hard work and dedication were a key factor in ScreamingMedia's rapid growth and successful IPO.”
~ Jon Campbell (VP at Acquire Media)
“I had the pleasure of working for John on a long-term project for a French startup. John is a true leader who can both think strategically and then execute the plan. He instinctively knows how to make a business successful, and is a gifted manager who knows how to keep his team focused on the goal. John is someone I trust personally and professionally. He knows how to get results.”
~ David Armstrong (VP OEM & International at Actuate)
“He was able to develop deep insights into the underlying causes of organizational performance.”
~ Mano Kalathil (SVP at ActiveHealth Management)
“John is a great coach! I've worked with him over the last 3 years mostly as my professional and career coach. He taught me how to collect and center myself when things get stressful, which has made me more effective at work. I don't know how he knows some of the things he knows. He's smart, insightful, and always there for me. I highly recommend John as a coach.”
~ Saahithi Madiraju (Project Manager at MarketLive)
John guided me through a particularly challenging professional transition, and I would highly recommend him as a coach to anyone who is questioning their next moves career-wise or personally. Probably the most skilled listener I have ever worked with, he consistently teased out my key priorities, articulating them in a concrete way so I was able to address them. John has a seemingly universal understanding of systems and how humans function within them. He combines both analytic vigor with an appreciation of emotional factors, crucial in helping navigate personal and professional development. Especially since my projects cross between government, business and humanitarian clients, it was helpful that John has a wide and multi-sectoral understanding of how the world works.
~ Megan O'Donnell (Consultant - Financial Inclusion)
“I consider myself privileged to have worked alongside John on the formation of a $50m newco for Aetna. His insight, foresight, depth of knowledge and fortitude clearly distinguish him from others. It is rare to find the qualities that John possesses. He is a natural mentor, a respected strategist, a sound judge of character, a real team player, a leader who makes a difference; always in the best interest of the client and never for his own personal advantage. Unquestionably, an asset to any company that is fortunate to have John on its management team – even if just for a relatively short time period.”
~ Rene Appelbaum (Manager at Craven Corp)
“John became CEO at the absolute lowest point in the company's history. John turned the company around and led it to its current position as a highly successful, full-service marketing agency. In short, John saved the company with his leadership ability. I recommend him without hesitation.”
~ Wayne Bulger (Co-founder & VP at MicroMass)
“John turned our company around into a financially successful corporation. Without his focused leadership we would not have become the bright company we are”
~ Mark Rinehart (CTO at MicroMass)
“I worked for John while he was the CEO of a company that was way ahead of the curve, John always took the time to listen and understand each situation before giving his guidance. John has a true sense of where an organization needs to be and setting a clear path to move it to the next level. He's dedicated, fair and a true leader. I would highly recommend John, both personally and professionally. He is one person who truly impacted my career in a positive way.”
~ Maureen Scullin (Managing Partner at MarketImpact)
“I've worked for John three times: first when he turned around IDI's western region, then when he was interim head of US operations for a French company, and as a contractor at an Internet startup. John is a tremendous leader enabling his team to achieve higher goals than they think are possible because of his drive, personal integrity and gift for supporting according to each person's style.”
~ Cara Greenwood (Independent Technical Consultant)
"John provides honest, readily applicable feedback. He helped me decide where to focus my energy for greater impact."
~ Andre Golard (Managing Partner at Smarter Business Decisions)
“John is a tenacious deal closer and produces excellent results. I've also partnered with John on consulting engagements where he showed his analytical strength and strategic thinking. He creates consistent results without the excuses.”
~ Mike Cunningham (CEO at Harvard Computing Group)
“John Howe took over as CEO just after a massive layoff. The company had yet to have a profitable quarter in over seven years of existence and was hanging by a thread. John reassessed the company's vision and restructured the company towards what it actually WAS instead of what it hoped to be. Shortly thereafter, we had the company's first-ever profitable quarter and we have stayed on that path ever since. John's accurate assessment of our strengths and potential at a time with almost no margin for error saved the company. His attention to detail and willingness to stick with his plans then allowed the company to not only recover but prosper.”
~ David Irwin (Director at MicroMass)
“John is a great addition to the team. He is able to assess situations quickly and help others find less obvious solutions to their challenges.”
~ Rhonda O'Leary (Former Controller)